Simply put, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency accepted as a means of payment in many countries. The issue is not a mint or Central Bank: it is the users themselves who manage the system without the need for an intermediary or central authority.

ETROS currency is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is linked to trade in products and services through collective purchase based on key4buy (www.key4buy.com). A number of ETROS coins can be exchanged for different products and services from different strands. ETROS currency is designed to be used as a generally accepted means of electronic payment for all who consider that they buy products and contract services, which is performed by every human every day.


This  highlights the key stages and characteristics of the ETROS currency system and the future trajectories in which all products and services will be developed.

More currency details and potential benefits of ETROS currency ownership are provided in the white paper




The vision is to expand the ETROS currency by creating other secure investment products that will be added to current cryptographic currencies to support their appreciation and values.

It is part of the plan to include luxury real estate investments, online banking, etc.

Key4Win has developed a robust network of ETROS currency acceptance points.

In addition, the spread of ETROS currency will be promoted through the creation of platforms such as chat groups and other social media applications for smartphones and mobile internet. Smartphones and the mobile Internet are the top billing and payment industries that have a growing impact.

Creating a win-win
for everyone

A total of 1 bilion ETS coins was created in the Ethereum blockchain protocol using a smart contract. The ETROS Currency will be freely transferable. With its vision and utility, Ethereum fits into the ETROS currency. Coins contain high confirmation speeds and are 99.99% immune to fraudulent activity


Global payment systems are controlled by banks. This is largely why payment systems are inefficient, inhomogeneous, fragmented, expensive and time consuming. In addition, the proposed currencies used as means of payment are mainly based on the confidence that the governments of their respective countries are stable and provide an economy that meets the value of the coins issued. However, they have the simple possibility of increasing the number of their respective currencies if necessary. This leads to inflation and people losing their money.

The question is whether there is a possibility of offering the world a better and more reliable means of payment. ETROS currency has developed a globally viable solution.

Never in peacetime has the subject of money evoked uncertainty as it does today. Even in countries where people live in affluence, the question will be raised more and more if the value of our money is decreasing.

What is the future of money? – How will we pay in the future? What possibilities will digitization create for us? And what forms could be imposed on us by state or circumstances, such as a crisis or catastrophe? Are you ready if ATMs or online banking don’t work?

The team besides the ETROS currency is certain that this currency will be part of the solution. Currency is based on something so common and normal these days, free trade in goods and services.

One of the future goals of ETROS currency is that everyone can pay for goods and services with it anywhere and anytime.


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Here you can read all information about Etros, features and perspectives.

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